Mikael Vesavuori (*Sweden, 1986) is a Digital Designer and co-founder of Gothenburg-based strategic design collaboration Being.


I’m a Digital Designer with an arts background (MFA, Valand Academy 2013), who just happens to love excellent user experiences and innovative, smooth services. Born digital, I still believe in harnessing the power of touch and the senses as well as the physical dimensions because people are more than their screens.

Design should provide beautiful, functional and truly empathic moments in a world saturated by ever-pervasive novelty and cognitive overload. The work I do aims at significantly impacting a service/product and its values while always in relentless pursuit of providing rich, deep, meaningful user experiences and never backing down from being highly aesthetically explorative in doing so. We don't need "more"—we need "better".

Over the years I’ve worked with folks like the University of Gothenburg, the Karlskrona world heritage, Essent, Märta-Måås Fjetterström, Valand Academy, Annika Lundgren and Nordiska Kafferosteriet. Among other things, I've helped them by giving workshops and lectures, crafting long-term visual communications, building unique brand identities based on research, developing web applications, and conducting strategic communications and UX analysis. Most recently I worked at Being, a strategic design collaboration I co-founded with Niklas Persson.

I am currently looking for new opportunities to transform products, services and brands through user-driven, highly aesthetic experiences together with top-drawer people. Get in touch by phone or email and let's grab a coffee?

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